Ibrahim Sesay

Ibrahim Sesay

About Ibrahim

From civil war and refugee camps in Sierra Leone to painting on the walls of the busy Sheraton Hotel in Gambia, Ibrahim’s creativity has been a constant companion along his unpredictable journey, allowing him to capture and tell his story in beautiful ways.

Ibrahim Sesay Jnr began life in a small village in Tonko Limba, Sierra Leone. At the age of 12, Ibrahim’s young life was turned upside down as civil war broke out. His new home became refugee camps, first in Sierra Leone and later in Guinea, where he continued to develop his artistic gifts and channel his emotions through art and music.

Ibrahim eventually managed to start a new life and his journey took him to Senegal and finally Gambia, which he now calls his home.

In Gambia, Ibrahim’s talent continued to develop through street art. It was whilst doing this that he was spotted by the General Manager of the Sheraton Hotel who was instantly impressed with his work and this led to him being commissioned to paint the huge walls on the beach front luxury hotel.

Ibrahim continues to create original pieces of art combining cultural and abstract themes. He has recently begun to make his work available internationally through a London based agency.